Amazed by her parent’s old record collection and constantly holding her tiny stereo given to her at Christmas when she was 5 , Leslie Phillips always had an artistic sparkle inside.

She started to dance very early, then fell in love with painting but she found to be most intimatley connected with music. That’s how she started to use words and melodies to express herself.In 2005 she found her calling and the place where she would share her art with the community, the stage.

Constantly performing and working with professional musicians lead her to sing in many different genres of music including Soul , Hip Hop, Musicals, Reagge/Ragga, R’n'B, Jazz, World , Zouk, Maloya, Electro, Gospel.In 2008 Leslie Phillips was a top 3 finalist in the national singing competition called The Sankofa Soul Contest. She received the Prize of the Public for her performance.By the end of this year she started to co-write with many composers and producers. The soul and jazz singer was also performing many gigs all around Paris with her very talented band.

In 2009, she joined the great soul/gospel choir «We are one» This gave her the opportunity to perform on the most prestigious stage in France ( L’Olympia). Leslie performed in all of the possible music venues , bars, big stages, festivals and even TV and radio shows.

After all of these performances she realises how extraordinary it would be to work in London, increase her knowlege of music theory and to explore her passion for music even more.Leslie Phillips moved toLondon in 2010. She is now a graduate from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance ( ICMP) in Vocal Performance and has just started a Songwritting Course at the same school .

Soon after her arrival she formed the band named «Soultrip» and performed several gigs in the City. Famous radio show host Gary King invited Leslie on his program on Jazz FM in January of 2010. After she sang Gary raved that it was a «brilliant » performance.

Following a concert sponsored by Jazz FM at the Kensington Roof Garden she was asked to be the resident performer for the entire summer of 2011.

And this is just the start …

What can you expect to hear from Leslie Phillips?

A musical blend with the heritage of soul, urban essence and jazz lead by a smooth and powerful voice.

Leslie Phillips’s music takes your hand and invites you to her «Soul Trip».

Let’s run away !

Artists she worked with :

Phil Capone & the Stowaway, Nicolas Coyez , Virgil Abraham’s Fellaship as Backing Vocal , the Lossen Jazz collectif as lead singer then Prof A, La Madrugada Orquesta, John Grondin, Thomas Toussaint, HF, the french producers «Zio John»and Tumsoul prod , and many more…

Places she performed :

O2 Sheperds Bush Empire (London ), Kensington Roof Garden (London),Comedy pub (London), Amnesty International event ( London) Nag’s Head (London) , Bizzar’t (Paris), Jamel Comedy Club (Paris) , l’Olympia (Paris) , Cabaret Sauvage (Paris), Studio l’Hermitage (Paris), l’Etage (Paris), Parc des Expositions FDP (Paris), Les 2 Tours ( la Rochelle), la ludi (Bordeaux), Festival international du rire / Jamel comedy Club ( Marocco)

Article :

«Jazz FM Presents… Live at The Roof Gardens : A unique showcase of the best in new live music from the UK.International soul singer, Leslie Phillips, will kick off ‘Live at The Roof Gardens’ on Saturday 9th October.One of the most exciting voices to come out of the Paris Soul Afro-Beat jazz scene, Leslie has made many TV and radio appearances in France, performing regularly at top Paris nightspot ‘The Bizz’Art Club’. Her mesmerizing voice can be aligned to a mixture of Erika Badu and Lauryn Hill.»