Retrospective for a love story

So, it’s been a while now but I felt the need to share this beautiful adventure I started in 2012 with some fantastic musicians.

Davide, the man behind the initial project asked me to join in as a backing singer and I said yes straight away because he is truly genuine and talented. With the other members : Dan, Ale, Ago, Gaba,Hano and Giaco we worked as a collective and created an hybrid sound made of our own inspirations, our own words, our soul.

I just love the music, love the guys and it feels like I entered a new family here.

They were present at one of the most important day of my life and I know I can count on them all as they can count on me .

They inspire me and together we are RFL, when we are on stage it just like a family reunion and when we aren’t we still nourish this special bound through creativity, laugh, kindness and love.

If you love Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Dub messing with samples and sounds from another galaxy, you’ll fit right in our world.

Check us out right here :

Retrospective for Love is for me, one of the best thing that happened since I relocate to London :)

Retrospective for love tour

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